Younger brother invites Down Syndrome sister to be Maid of Honor in his wedding.

Perhaps the beauty of sibling love is in its total unconditionality.

As brothers and sisters, we frequently argue, slander, and provoke one another’s rage, among other things. Regardless, your siblings will always be there for you.

I consider myself fortunate to have brothers and sisters, and I have a special link with everyone of them.

To put it simply, I would do anything for them if they needed it, regardless of my feelings or how friendly we were at the time.

That might be why this story had such a strong emotional impact on me. It follows Brittany, the older sister of Vermont native Chris Garafola, who has Down syndrome.

Needless to say, their relationship only improved as they became older and more mature. Chris knew Brittany would be an essential part of their wedding when he met Tatiana, the love of his life, and subsequently proposed to her.

Chris and Tatiana decided to postpone their wedding so Brittany could attend in person. Brittany’s immune system was damaged as a result of her sickness, therefore she needed to have a COVID-19 shot before attending any social engagements.

Brittany received her vaccination in February 2021, allowing Chris and Tatiana to start planning their wedding.

Late in March of that year, a male model named Chris uploaded a video to his YouTube account showing Tatiana having a FaceTime discussion with Brittany.

Brittany was overjoyed to learn that her younger brother was getting married, but she was taken away by the question Tatiana asked her.

“Were you aware of the question I had for you?” Will you be my bridesmaids? Tatiana may be seen asking questions in the video. “Yes, I can,” Brittany said, crying joyous tears.

Thus, in April 2021, Chris and Tatiana exchanged vows in front of Brittany, their maid of honor.

The pair went on to claim that they had surprised Brittany with a one-of-a-kind ring to mark the special day.

Chris went on to say, “It won’t change even after I get married—she’s been my best friend since day one.”

Tatiana, Brittany, and Chris’ photos were undoubtedly popular on the internet. Even the strongest hearts will melt at the abundance of love portrayed in the photographs.

The video below shows how Chris and Tatiana notified Brittany with the news:

Chris and Brittany’s sibling love is irresistible. Adorable beyond words!

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