Woman who’married’ ragdoll now has children with him and says life with kids is tough.

Everyone experiences love in various ways. And sometimes it’s not easy. This woman found her path to love in an unconventional way. She has a surprising update to share…

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Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, is from Brazil but has gained international news due to her marriage. What made her wedding an international sensation? The person she choose to marry! She married Marcelo, a life-size ragdoll.

The couple now allegedly has three children. Marcelinho is a one-year-old son, while Marcela and Emilia are newborn twin daughters.

According to Meirivone, her family life is just as complex as any other mother and wife’s. She posts about her life on TikTok. She explains how the pair has divided parenting responsibilities evenly. However, Marcelo is the one who is concerned about the family’s financial situation.

She also discusses how life with children has been challenging. She explained, “It’s not easy, but I get emotional every instant, every second. Marcelo and I have many responsibilities with the new infants, in addition to caring for our first child. Even when I’m exhausted, he helps me bathe, eat, and sleep.”

While this is all tough for Marcelo, she believes all they have is worthwhile. “Despite his concerns, he always dreamed of having a family and children, so this is all he ever wished for,” Meirivone went on to say.

The pair now wants to purchase their own home. “My dream now is to own my own house,” she continued. “Since our wedding in 2018, I’ve been searching the internet every day. “I refuse to give up,” the resolute mother of three declared.

While the connection is unique, it also has its own set of issues. The pair did not always have it easy. In June 2023, Meirivone disclosed that Marcelo had cheated on her previously. She punished him by forcing him to lie on the couch and removing his genitals.

In February 2023, their toddler Marcelinho was stolen, and a $200 ransom was sought. He has subsequently been reunited with his family and was there when they revealed the gender of their children.

Truly, each family is unique in its own way. This family appears to have a unique collection of issues, yet they manage to overcome them. Share this with others so they may learn more about this unusual family and their life!

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