Woman heavily ridiculed online for adopting her husband’s ex-wife’s baby.

Christie and Wesley Werts, a loving husband and wife, started their love journey five years ago and married to form a blended family.

Christie’s daughter, Megan, and Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota, formed a lovely family.

But little did they realize that their love story would take an unexpected turn, bringing a miraculous baby, Levi, into their life through adoption.

The couple’s tenacity and drive were evident throughout Levi’s adoption process. After waiting 16 months for the adoption process to be completed, the Werts family was looking forward to welcoming their newborn son home.

Levi’s adoption tale, however, has a poignant twist that seems like a dream come true for Christie and her family. Levi was born in Texas in August 2021, and his biological mother, Wesley’s previous lover, struggled with drug usage during pregnancy. Tragically, she died four days after Levi’s early delivery at 33 weeks due to addiction and coronavirus complications, according to Newsweek.

The couple learned about Levi when Wesley’s sister delivered tragic news about his ex-wife. Christie, who had been in foster care herself, was determined to provide Levi with a secure and loving home.

Even more astonishingly, Christie experienced three months of repeated nightmares about a blue-eyed blond kid before discovering Levi. When she learned of Levi’s existence, this dream played an important role in her choice to adopt him.

The Werts family went to Texas from Ohio to meet Levi through Child Protection Services, and their initial encounter was precisely like Christie’s fantasy. “When I stepped in and saw this blond-haired, blue-eyed infant, I instantly fell in love. It seemed incredibly weird. “This was my son,” she explained.

While the adoption process is sometimes difficult, particularly for newborns, the Werts family encountered additional challenges. After selling their Ohio home and moving to Texas for court hearings, they had to go through a legal procedure that included the termination of Levi’s biological father’s parental rights.

After 16 months of house inspections, interviews, and court appearances, Levi’s adoption was finalized, and the couple could finally take their baby son home.

Despite the joyful aspect of the tale, Christie received backlash from some internet users who questioned her decision to publish it publicly.

“I mean, poor baby, he’s gonna see this when he grow up and is gonna give him a lot of depression and more,” a witness said.

“Some things you don’t share on social media, and this is one of them?” another person said.

Others expressed their happiness for the newlyweds and wished the new family a great life.

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