Without any makeup and wearing tights. Lopez was photographed with a bun on her head.

Fans of Jennifer Lopez don’t understand how the singer, who is 53 years old, can look so young and put together. While Jennifer posts beautiful pictures of herself on Instagram, reporters try to get a picture of her without makeup or Photoshop. The other day, photographers were able to catch Lopez on the streets of Los Angeles when he wasn’t ready.

When the 53-year-old singer left the gym, she didn’t have any makeup on or her hair done, and cameras were right there. “A normal woman,” “Kiev has a lot of Jennifers like that,”

“She wouldn’t have seen her if she walked by,” “Makeup does wonders,”

“Lopez has never been a beauty. She works all the time and is a good performer. “I like her better without makeup,” “She’s getting old,” “Who among us can claim to be naturally beautiful?”,

Under the new pictures of the 53-year-old star, it says “Absolutely unremarkable.”

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