When rare identical triplets were born, the mother and father were overjoyed.

Amber and Levi always wanted to have a family together, so when they had two beautiful girls, they were more than happy.

But just when they thought they were done with their family, everything changed.Doctors told Amber she was pregnant again, but that wasn’t the most shocking thing they told her.

They were expecting three babies.

Without fertility drugs or other treatments, the chances of having twins are already very low. So, Amber and Levi were both shocked by the news, but they were very happy to have three cute babies join the family.

After a few weeks, the day finally came. Amber was taken to the hospital so she could give birth.
Even though each of the triplet girls weighed only four pounds, they were healthy and strong when they were born through a cesarean section.

In the meantime, Amber was having trouble. She did die on the operation table, but a blood transfer brought her back to life. When all the noise stopped, everyone in the operating room noticed that the triplets’ looks were very different.

They were the same!

Doctors say that the chances of having three identical children by chance are as high as 1 in 200 million.

Even though everyone is now healthy and happy, Levi had to slow down at work and take care of his family while Amber gets better. But the bills for medical care kept coming in. Friends and neighbors decided to help the family out by holding a fundraiser. They set up a GoFundMe account so that anyone can give money to help pay for hospital bills and baby items.

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