When a veteran who is unable to pay for his groceries turns around, he hears a customer say, “It’s our turn.”

We may all fall on hard times and go through difficult moments in our lives. When we do, it should go without saying that we deserve the love and support of people around us to help us get back on our feet.

That is especially true for those brave people who serve their nation without expecting anything in return.

Unfortunately, far too many veterans are still struggling after returning from service. Unless a soldier has served for a particular number of years, the benefits they get are sometimes insufficient to support them, while others are confused where to turn once they arrive on Civvy Street.

Larry Robeson is all too aware of this. According to sources, Larry, a Vietnam veteran who could barely buy basic necessities, was out of luck and unsure where to turn.

However, as luck would have it, he was going to meet paths with a Fox 5 Surprise Squad in a Las Vegas grocery store to pay for people’s groceries.

Despite his financial difficulties, Larry had accompanied his buddy Stephanie, a crippled fellow soldier, to the store. Stephanie told a Fox 5 reporter that she was purchasing food for herself and her dogs, but she was down to her final $50 and didn’t know what she would do next.

Dave Hall, the Surprise Squad reporter, was delighted to inform Stephanie that he and his colleagues had her groceries covered, and Stephanie was overjoyed to accept the kind gesture.

Larry, who was standing silently behind Stephanie, was soon observed by Dave. Larry, a friend of Stephanie’s husband, had founded the Bones for Blankets group many years before. What is the club’s goal? To provide blankets to homeless veterans who have been abandoned on the streets after serving their nation.

Larry founded the organization after three fellow veterans died from hypothermia. He was determined that no other veterans would endure the same fate.

He added that Stephanie’s husband was a truck driver who was frequently away from home, so he kept Stephane company and helped her get by given the difficulties she encountered as a result of her condition.

“No veteran should be going through what she’s going through,” Larry said to the Surprise Squad.

That may have been it, but Dave Hall was certain that Larry wouldn’t leave the shop without the Surprise Squad crew paying for his groceries as well.

Larry had simply intended to buy dish soap and candies, but Dave informed him, “You served us. It is now our job to help you.”

So Larry was allowed to wander around the store and choose whatever he wanted. Larry was left wiping tears from his eyes as Dave and the others cleared his tab, which came to $278.

“This is just like overwhelming, I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13,” Larry went on to say.

View Larry’s encounter with the Surprise Squad below:

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