What Nadia Suleman looks like today, after giving birth to eight children in 2009, having already had six.

Despite having six children already, Nadia Suleiman gave birth to eight more in 2009. All of the new children were born with HIV, which was quite perilous for the mother’s health, but everything worked out in the end.

Today we will tell you about Nadia Suleiman, a mother of fourteen children.

The mother, who already had six children, wants to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. She made the decision to have the most children at once. Her husband, Sulman, subsequently divorced her after discovering she was HIV-positive and had a huge number of children.

The birth of eight children generated quite a fuss in America, but Nadia was denied entry into the Guinness Book of Records because a lady in India soon became capable of giving birth to eleven children at once.

Now that the mom is parenting her children on her own, she confesses that it is not easy. The entire family spends around $5,000 every month.

Nadia has many followers on the Internet who respect and support her in every manner, but there are a few who dislike her. The latter is continually reminded of a woman’s turbulent youth. Suleiman has left his life free to this day, and he is entirely committed to his cherished children.

The twins are now grownups who attempt to assist their mother in everything. In general, the family appears to be very joyful and content. When the mother needed to rest, she preferred to spend her free time at the gym, knowing that it would only benefit her.

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