What Madame Michelle Looks Like Now: “I Want My Old Look Back!”

I. Goncharuk, a well-known performer, became well-known in the 1990s as Madame Michelle. Unfortunately, after being attacked by unidentified attackers, her charming beauty was ruined.

Very little was known about the vocalist for a long time. She, however, made the conscious decision to avoid isolation and keeps up with her online personas.

Her detractors frequently maintain resentment toward her and occasionally imply that she once identified as transsexual. The singer is also accused of overdoing it with plastic surgery.

But Michelle has been used to putting other people’s thoughts aside. She even recently stated during a televised interview that she intended to get further cosmetic surgery in order to reclaim her previous looks.

Her fans have already started to criticize her for overdoing the lip and eyebrow tattooing.

Michelle provides pictures of herself when she was younger, showing that she had previously had lip augmentation at that time, in contrast.

It’s interesting to note that despite her changed look, she managed to find love, get married, and establish a family, raising two kids. She has a spouse who freely admits that he loves her for reasons other than her beauty.

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