What Has Changed 20 Years Later for the Girl Who No One Attended Her Birthday?

Lizzie’s odd features set her apart from her contemporaries. Lizzie was born early, and physicians later informed her parents that she had Wiedermann-Rautenstrauch syndrome.

Simply put, the girl was unable to gain weight. Every 10 minutes, the child had to eat. Lizzie’s classmates couldn’t get used to the out-of-the-ordinary girl.

Lizzie was disappointed because her classmates did not attend her birthday party. Would you like to see what Lizzie looks like 20 years later? The girl has not withdrew or abandoned herself.

Today, Lizzie is a famous blogger. Over 100,000 people subscribe to the girl’s updates. “Strong girl”, “Beautiful and smart”, “Well done for hanging in there”,

“I admire you, Lizzie,” people posted under the star’s new Instagram pics.

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