What does the daughter of a remarkable lady look like who gave birth in spite of the explanations made by the doctors?

Osteogenesis has an effect on anesthetasia. Semenova acknowledged that her bones are quite fragile. In spite of the physicians’ explanations, Nastya considers herself a “crystal woman” and is thankful that she was able to conceive. Semenova met a young man when she was eighteen years old.

He acknowledged that he was enjoying her stare. Their heroine’s spouse announced that he had already made up his mind to marry Nastya. After learning about Nastya’s intriguing body of work, the family started trying to talk the couple out of taking such a big step.

Semenova’s spouse said that the physicians had asked him to sign papers admitting culpability.

In spite of everything, Nastya gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The couple is currently considering having another kid.

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