What courage! How does the 57-year-old woman who lost 518 pounds look now?

Pauline Potter, an American, told her friends that almost all of her ancestors looked like our heroine. The woman’s name is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Can you believe it? Paulina said that her ex-husband was happy that he was sharing a bed with a star who had only been written about by people who didn’t pay attention.

“One day I just realized I was tired of being that size,” Paulina said in an interview. Potter went to see a food surgeon for help.

Before Potter had the surgery to change shape, the doctor made sure he ate well.

Paulina worked hard for 10 years to get the body she wanted. It’s hard to tell that the skinny woman is the same Paulina who first went to a doctor for help.

Potter has changed so much that she can’t even recognize herself, and she only wishes she had taken this step sooner. What do you think has changed about our heroine?

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