We Finally Found The Complete Version Of The 9/11 Commercial That Was Only Ever Shown Once

A poignant Budweiser ad that aired only once during Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 captures the intensity of 9/11. Budweiser’s famous Clydesdale horses appear in the ad, which pays heartfelt tribute to those who died in the tragic tragedy. The photographs show the horses galloping, dressed, and hauling a wagon through snow-covered landscapes and villages.

With the Statue of Liberty in the distance, the scene turns to the horses crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into New York City. The advertisement concludes with a respectful sense, with the horses bowing and the Statue of Liberty dominating.

The ad’s impact lives on despite its one appearance, thanks to yearly internet viewings on each anniversary. The Anheuser-Busch creative team surmounted barriers to shoot this homage in New York shortly after the attacks, with approval from Mayor Rudy Guiliani, Congress, and the advertising community.

On the tenth anniversary, the advertising was replayed in 2011. Viewers have noted how the commercial’s images and music bring back memories and tears, reminding them to remember the lives lost and the bravery displayed during the crisis. This displays the video’s high emotional resonance.

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