“Very Sweet and Kind!”Brad Pitt gave his neighbor, who was 105 years old, free housing in his home.

Hollywood star Brad Pitt bought a house in Los Feliz, California, in 1994, and he later planned to extend his land by buying several more sites nearby. In the end, he sold his house in Hollywood Hills to Cassandra Peterson, a famous actress who is best known for playing Elvira in many movies and TV shows.

“Very kind and sweet!” Brad Pitt let a neighbor who was 105 years old live in his house for free. It turned out, though, that Pitt had bought the house from a 90-year-old man who had just lost his wife and invited the neighbor to live there for free until he died.

Peterson, Pitt’s neighbor of many years, praised him for being kind to the old man and to her. She admitted that the actor was always nice and courteous to her and that he even made her happy as he worked on the estate’s “Fight Club” movie while practicing with a punching bag in his yard. Until their 2016 divorce, Pitt shared the home with his then-wife, Angelina Jolie, and their six children. He lived alone in the house for a number of years before selling it for $39 million in March 2021.

According to Pitt’s acquaintances, he sold the house to move to the quaint coastal community of Carmel in Northern California, where he has already paid $40 million for a new residence.

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