UPS driver sees ‘Call 911’ written on package and ends up saving woman being held hostage.

People in Missouri are calling a UPS driver a hero because he saved a woman whose husband was holding her hostage and sexually abusing her. Because he thought quickly, the police were able to find her safely.

It all started when the driver stopped at a home in rural Franklin County, which is just west of St. Louis, on his way to another stop. In the town of Robertsville, when the driver brought the package to the woman, she wrote “Call 911” on the box.

It turned out that James Tyler Jordan, age 33, was holding his wife hostage inside the house and threatening to kill both her and himself. According to court papers, Jordan’s wife said he wouldn’t let her leave the house, hit and slapped her, made her take off her clothes, and sexually attacked her. He kept putting a gun to her head and telling her he would kill her and then himself.

There was also a 3-year-old child in the house. The child had been locked in a bedroom for 15 hours without food or water.

When the driver got to the house, Jordan stood behind his wife with a gun and made her talk to him. When the woman signed for the package, she wrote “call 911” on it. As soon as the driver got back to his truck, he called the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. A SWAT team quickly got to the house and arrested Jordan.

“He was a huge help,” said Sergeant T.J. Wild of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department about the driver.

This driver deserves praise for doing whatever it took to save the lives of this woman and her child. Watch the movie below to learn more, and SHARE this story so your friends and family can also see it.

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