Travis Kelce uttered three words to Taylor Swift after winning the Super Bowl, which verifies what we already knew.

The Super Bowl is finished, and the Kansas City Chiefs may now proudly wear the champion’s crown. However, this year’s big game has been equally focused on Taylor Swift and her romance with Travis Kelce.

In the thick of Super Bowl mania, love and football mingled to create a spectacle that enthralled spectators both on and off the field.

Opinions and conspiracy theories have swirled about the romantic relationship between the pop singer and the Chiefs’ top player. And, of course, Swift was in Las Vegas to support her lover.

Swift rushed out to the field to greet her idol after the Chiefs won the game in overtime. Standing next to Kelce’s mother, she patiently waited for her boyfriend to conclude his post-match interviews.

After celebrating with his teammates and interacting with media, the tight end headed straight for the two most important ladies in his life. First, he removed his cap and kissed and embraced his mother, who had always been there for him.

Then, turning to Taylor Swift, he delivered the moment everyone had been waiting for. Will he propose? Not exactly, but he swiftly turned to Swift and said, “Come here, girl.” Kelce’s passionate remarks make it clear how much it meant to him to share this delight with his partner.

The duo then exchanged many kisses in front of the camera. It wasn’t only Kelce, Swift, and the Swifties who enjoyed the moment; it seemed like a kiss for the ages.

Before the nail-biting game, Kelce was grilled by media about his friendship with Taylor Swift. CBS inquired about some who feel their connection is fabricated.

“You’re all crazy,” Kelce replied, laughing.

The Kansas City Star tight end didn’t stop there; he doubled back on his angry statements.

“Every one of you, you’re insane,” Kelce said.

During a January 31 visit on The Pat McAfee Show, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end expressed his hopes for how the public would interpret their relationship.

“It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?” Kelce stated, and continued:

“And then maybe everyone recognizes that we’re just two individuals in a relationship that support and enjoy one other, guy. It’s nothing more than that, and no matter how much the world tries to cast us as the enemy, we just like it. We cherish every moment of it. And, of course, I adore it when Taylor comes to support me and watch the game with his family and friends. It’s been nothing but a beautiful year, guy.

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