“Total chaos. Kim Kardashian worried about being a single mother: “Sometimes I cry myself to sleep.”

Kim Kardashian was recently on the popular show On Purpose with Jay Shetty, where she talked about how hard it is for her and her ex-husband Kanye West to raise their four kids. Even with the help of nannies and helpers, the reality TV star said it can be hard to meet the needs of North, who is 9, Sainte, who is 7, Chicago, who is 5, and Psalm, who is 4.

Kim said that she often has to do more than one thing at once, like brushing the hair of one girl while tying the shoelaces of another. Both of them want her attention at the same time. She said it was total chaos and crazy, and she admitted that the days can feel long, but the years go by fast. Kardashian said that each of her children is special and different from the others to show how different they are. Like any brothers, they sometimes fight and argue, which means she has to be tough and help them work things out. Kim’s mental health suffers from having to deal with these situations, and she has admitted that she sometimes cries because she is so tired and stressed out.

A source close to both stars said that she and American football player Tom Brady are just friends and business partners, despite recent reports to the contrary. The source denied that Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady had a love relationship and emphasized that they know each other and work together professionally.
In conclusion, Kim Kardashian’s talk showed how hard it is to raise her children and how much it can hurt her emotionally. Even though there have been reports to the contrary, her relationship with Tom Brady is still based on friendship and business ties.

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