Too much plastic surgery: Tom Cruise is now unlikely to be thought of as a standard of magnificence.

Tom Cruise is unlikely to hear any more queries about the secret of eternal youth. Several years ago, the actor delighted everyone with his enduring beauty. And is currently shocking the public with his drastically changed appearance.

The showcase star denies that he undertook surgery or performed treatments on the beautician. Despite his refusal to acknowledge to cosmetic surgery, supporters pardoned such a machismo. However, fans are now warning that the artist’s visage has been deformed as a result of manipulation.

Last October, it was clear that Cruise had overdone it with plastic surgeries when he arrived at a baseball game and was photographed by photojournalists.

The accompanying images go across the world, revealing the Hollywood celebrity has aged considerably, with his face seeming puffy and unnatural.

Unfortunately, the celebrity’s latest images, shot in the United States, are not much better. In these, the artist looks to be far off from being considered the pinnacle of grandeur.

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