Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s 26-year-old son: they try to keep him away from the world.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are one of the most famous and beloved pairs in Hollywood. When they were younger, their relationship was often held up as an example of how a relationship should be.

But the caring pair chose to adopt two children instead of having their own.

Their young children, Isabella and Connor, had the best childhoods because they were always loved and cared for by their parents.

But, as sometimes happens in life, the couple started having fights, which led to them getting a divorce when their adopted son was six years old.

After they broke up, Kidman moved to Australia and started seeing her kids on occasion.

As time went on and Kidman got remarried, she spent less and less time with her ex-husband and kids.

So, their dad, who was in charge of raising them, stayed in charge of the kids. The Scientology faith that Connor and Isabella have probably come from their father.

Even rumors say that Cruise’s love of Scientology was the main reason why the famous couple broke up.

It is said that Katie Holmes, who was Tom Cruise’s second wife, could not stand his strange addiction to Scientology and his deep dedication to it. Tom is still the best dad for his kids, though.

He tries to keep them away from the media, so they don’t show up in public as much and fans don’t know as

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