This was the best moment of their father’s life, and it was all because of these wonderful girls.

When Shelton had served in the United States Army. The man had seven girls, some of whom were born to him and some of whom he had to adopt.

Mr. Shelton loved all of his girls the same, and he wanted to walk them all down the aisle.

But his dream couldn’t come true because the man had cancer and was near the end of his life.

Even so, the girls wanted to do what their beloved father had asked of them before he died.

They planned to repeat their older sister Emily’s wedding, even though she was already married.

They got everything ready for the wedding with the help of their mother, Cheryl Shelton.

But they kept everything a secret so that their father wouldn’t know what was going on.

In an interview with Fox News, the mother said, “My husband had no idea what we had planned for him.

I just told her that Emily asked her sisters to be in the wedding party. But he didn’t think that all the girls would be wearing wedding dresses.”

Finding clothes for all the girls, especially the little ones, was hard.

Still, the girls chose to make their plans happen no matter what. And fortunately, they did.

Willie found out everything during the wedding service, and he was thrilled that his girls were surprised.

He got to live out his dream when he led these girls down the aisle.

Willie left this world two weeks after that party.

But there were a few pictures of the man smiling. And he stayed that way in the minds of his wife and kids.

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