This little girl’s very thick hair made her famous all over the Internet! How does she appear today?

Baby Gabriela, a one-year-old from the United Kingdom, has become an Internet celebrity due to her unusual characteristic. Gabriela was born with extremely thick and dense hair, which drew the attention of the medical personnel present at her delivery.

Denika Kaneva, Baby Gabriela’s mother, expressed amazement at her daughter’s odd look, saying she was astonished when she first saw her. The nurses who participated with the delivery were equally astounded since they had never seen a newborn with such a thick and lengthy head of hair. Gabriela stood out among the other newborns at the hospital.

Baby Gabriela rose to fame after her mother, Denika, posted a photo of her on the internet. The child’s thick and long hair wowed onlookers, and many compared her to the classic princess Rapunzel. Gabriela’s one-of-a-kind feature drew a lot of attention and praise from online users.

Denika Kaneva stated that whenever she and her daughter Gabriela go for a stroll, people frequently turn around and grin. Gabriela’s distinctive and eye-catching hair appears to help her stand out in a crowd and make everyone around her happy.

Denika Kaneva also mentioned that she takes good care of Gabriela’s hair by using high-quality hair products that she normally buys at the drugstore. Denika takes special care to keep Gabriela’s dense hair healthy and attractive, and she only puts the best products on her daughter’s hair.

Denika Kaneva said that her child Gabriela enjoys washing and drying her hair. Denika dries Gabriela’s hair, and the young kid giggles with delight, clearly enjoying the experience.

Gabriela’s hair care regimen appears to be a pleasurable and rewarding experience for both mother and daughter.

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