This is how the girl who captivated the world with her beauty now appears: as a live doll.

Amaya Jade, the adorable infant, has already taken over social media. The young woman was soon dubbed a “living doll.” And it’s all because of the unusual appearance. Amaya has long lashes, a distinct eye color, charming curls, and beautiful cheekbones. The girl’s photos instantly became viral on the internet.

Many people did not believe in Amaya’s attractiveness. Many observers suspected the girl’s mother had attached artificial eyelashes to her daughter. However, this is not the case. After all, Amaya’s younger brother and sister inherited this tendency from their parents as well. Simply put, the kids were incredibly lucky to have won the genetic lottery.

A photo of the mature Amaya has lately appeared on the Internet. The girl’s beauty has not diminished, but she has changed tremendously.

Amaya will blossom into a charming young girl in the future.

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