This is how Patrick Swayze seemed just before he passed away, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

The performer underwent a makeover, shedding his prior looks and looking quite unlike the actor he formerly was. At the young age of 57, Patrick Swayze’s life was sadly cut short. A few years before he passed away, he was fatally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The formerly charismatic Hollywood actor was radically changed by old age and disease, becoming a weak old man.

Swayze struggled with alcoholism throughout the 1990s. Because of his wife’s miscarriage, which ultimately resulted in her infertility, he fell into a profound despair. Patrick battled compulsive drinking for years, which prompted his family to step in and get him into a rehab center.

Patrick tried to restore his former life after winning the war against alcohol. Up until he ended up back in the hospital, he kept acting in movies and even wrote memoirs. The existence of metastases was found there by medical professionals. This cherished icon unfortunately went away in September 2009.

There are images of Swayze from a few years before his passing that are making the rounds online. It is really hard to identify him.

His eyes are tired, his skin is riddled with flaws, and his face is weighed down by many wrinkles. Everyone could see the emblem of an era disappearing before their very eyes.

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