This is Cher’s child, who changed her gender nine years ago.

Sherilyn Bono Allmanshe, who is often called Cher, had a girl in 1869. This was the first time she became a mother. The girl was given the name Chastity to honor the movie character of the same name.

Cher’s husband and singing partner Sonny Bono was happy about the birth of their daughter. Even though he had a busy schedule, he tried to spend as much time as he could with his family.

When she was young, Chastity was shy. She had trouble with her weight, and her friends often made fun of her.

Chastity started wearing jeans and shirts more and more because it was hard to find cute clothes for bigger women.

She quickly learned that she didn’t care much about clothes and make-up.

Cher’s daughter, who is now an adult, said that she has no feelings for men. She is interested in women who are in charge.

In 2010, the girl’s name and gender were changed because of a court order. Chastity has officially become a guy by changing her name to Chaz Bono.

Since the gender switch, nine years have gone by. Chaz was getting used to his new position and way of life during this time.

Chaz did a lot of hard work to reach his goal, which taught him a lot of interesting things.

He used his skills to make a documentary film about his life that came out in 2011 and a book about his life.

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