“This is a lovely and phenomenal frame”: images of young couples in love and couples still together after 60 years

These unique images prove that love never dies.

After so much time had passed, this wonderful Chinese couple decided to revisit their special moments and take another picture there. On the internet, this picture has amassed enormous popularity.

Genuine comics make up our second duo. This image dates back six decades. Their descendents made the decision to reproduce this masterpiece.

In our current choices, this pair enjoys the distinction of being the oldest. Imagine that they had been together for a staggering 66 years!

This South Carolina native couple has been a unit since 1959. 18 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren are among their family of 4. Their family organized a professional picture shoot as a present for their wedding anniversary to mark the event.

What do you think about these catches, my readers? Do you genuinely believe in love? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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