They simply spoilt themselves: photos of celebrities whose careers waned following cosmetic surgery

Many of us fantasize about changing some aspect of our looks, believing that doing so will help us fully love ourselves. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As practice indicates, the second plastic comes after the first, followed by the third and fourth. Plastic surgery, much to the astonishment many women, not only does not help to self-esteem, but also entirely deprives us of our personality. Here are some photos of famous women whose careers have faded as a result of botched plastic surgery.

Mickey Rourke

Donatella Versace

Jennifer Gray

Vera Alentova

Tori Spelling

Courtney Love

Emmanuelle Beart

Lara Flynn Boyle

Cindy Rome

It would be fascinating to get your thoughts on these celebrities who have entirely transformed themselves. Do they appear more endearing now?

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