They had a child at age 15; ten years later, what would become of the family they had started?

The Canadian mother of a baby was 15 years old when she learned that her boyfriend, then 17 years old, was the child’s biological father. Caitlin and Noah’s first encounter was in a local shopping center. The girl freely acknowledges that the young man’s hairdo had a significant role in her falling for him: “He reminded me of Justin Bieber.”

While their classmates were having fun, Caitlin and Noah were busy learning how to change a newborn’s diaper. Noah deserves all the credit.

The man did not leave his partner and was actively looking for job in order to provide for his new family.

They’ve been together for 26 years now. Two children have been born to Caitlin and Noah. They are positive that their love will last a lifetime.

Caitlin Fladager and her modest, loving family call Canada home. She still looks and acts much younger than her over 10 years of marriage to the love of her life, Noah, and their two adorable children.

Caitlin, now 26, writes about her love life and family happiness on her blog.

My future spouse and I met when I was sixteen. We started dating back in our high school years. I met this guy in the mall with Justin Bieber hair, and I immediately fell in love with him.

“You are only sixteen; it will endure for a while, but not forever,” her loved ones warned her when she informed them about her newfound love.

Caitlin disregarded the voices of doubt because she knew, without a doubt, that this person would become her life partner.

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