The world’s hairiest woman chose to get her facial hair removed. This is how she looks right now.

Supatra Sasufan became the youngest person to compete in the Guinness Book of Records. But it wasn’t her athletic talents or any special skill that brought her there; it was the hair that covered her entire body. She was dubbed “the world’s hairiest girl.”

For many years, the child’s parents and she herself battled this illness. However, there are no contemporary solutions for such large vegetation. For the girl, even laser hair removal proved futile. Her hair became thicker and grew faster as a result.

The boy was frequently teased by his peers at school. She, on the other hand, claims to have a large number of friends, the vast majority of whom treat her well.

She is currently 17 years old and has adapted to her uniqueness. The girl even married, but she refuses to adopt her husband’s name.

Their first photos together have already gone viral. In their comments, users applauded her. To maintain her present appearance, the teenager must shave her face on a regular basis.

We wish you patience and strength, Supatra. Everything will be well with her.

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