The two children the mother adopted a year apart turned out to be brothers and sisters. The setting for this extraordinary story is Colorado.

Miss Page adopted a baby boy one day and a baby girl the next, unaware that they were siblings.

The woman’s life will be altered once she divorces her husband. She began a new career and relocated to a new city, uprooting her life. As a result, she is now hired by the church as an orphan caregiver.

At first, she thought the job was too dreary and demanding. She finally became accustomed to it and even learned to like it. She swiftly decided that she wanted to adopt a child from the facility. He’d only been four days old. His mother’s drug addiction during pregnancy caused her to forsake him and his siblings. Fortunately, the baby’s health was not jeopardized.

Hannah’s (the girl’s) biological mother’s address was discovered, and the lady paid her a visit. She revealed her pregnancy and stated that she had no knowledge of her son.

Kathy Page phoned her handler, who conducted tests to determine the link between the youngster and the adult female.

The narrative, however, does not end there.

Even after having a third child, the obstinate mother disowned all three. Kathy Page has demanded parental rights.

That’s all there is to it; I’ll finally have a full house! Paige cracks a wide grin.

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