The old guy spent all the money he had gathered over the years to save his one buddy, a dog.

You could feel completely alone. When the owner shows sympathy, a true familial bond is developed. Many pet owners would go to any length to save their pet’s life and ensure that it has a long and healthy life in the case of an emergency.

This was the case for a retired guy who lived alone with his devoted dog. After 12 years of living together as best friends, the dog collapsed while out for a usual walk.

The elderly man rushed his beloved pet to the clinic, where the doctors gave him a grim diagnosis and guaranteed him that the dog would not live more than six months. A complicated medical treatment may have extended the dog’s life, but finding a specialist proved to be nearly impossible.

Unfazed, he went out to find the elusive specialist, only to discover that he resided on the other side of the Pacific in Japan, and that the procedure would cost a whopping $50,000. The elderly guy had saved this sum for years, yet he didn’t hesitate to use it to pay for his pet’s medical treatment.

The dog ultimately healed completely and resumed his usual walking behavior of running and playing. The owner never felt guilty about spending so much money.

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