The iconic 75-year-old Cher sans makeup was photographed by photographers while on vacation.

The iconic performer Cher just took a well-deserved vacation, and the paparazzi got to photograph her.

She was pictured sans makeup while gone.

However, network users are not accustomed to seeing celebrities in such outfits.

Cher didn’t wear makeup because she was submerged in water.

Though she couldn’t wear an evening gown or a luxury dress with beautiful decorations, the public had many queries.

Lovely Cher had an exciting tour during her holiday, and in these photos, she is swimming in the surf with a little white boat.

She was dressed in unconventional clothes, including a bright orange T-shirt.

Her followers and network users are concerned about her evident aging.

Furthermore, her admirers and followers point out that their legendary and beloved artist appears quite different in real life.

They also note that Cher is nearly unrecognizable because they are used to seeing her with makeup all the time.

Many people say Cher is still great, distinctive, and lovely.

Despite her age, she looks fantastic, both physically and medically.

She remains many people’s favorite celebrity and ideal person, whether she is wearing cosmetics or not.

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