The girl with the most hair in the world chose to shave her face. Here’s what she looks like now.

Supatra Sasufan almost broke the record for being the youngest person to be in the Guinness Book of Records. But she got there not because she was good at sports or had a special skill, but because she had hair all over her body. She was called the girl with the most hair in the world.

The child’s parents and she herself tried to fight this sickness for a long time. But in the current world, there are no ways to get rid of so much plant life. Even getting rid of her hair with lasers didn’t help. It made her hair grow faster and fuller.

The child’s friends made fun of him or her all the time at school. She says, though, that she has a lot of friends and that most of them treat her well.

She is now 17 years old, and she has learned to deal with being different. Even though the girl got married, she doesn’t want to take her friend’s name.

The first pictures of them together are already on the Web. Users praised her in their notes. The girl has to shave her face often to keep up her present look.

We want Supatra to have patience and strength. Everything will go well with her, for sure.

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