The eighth child of Alec Baldwin and his wife has received criticism for its name. Fans labeled it DISGUSTING.

Hilaria Baldwin and her husband Alec Baldwin had their seventh child on Sunday, but the joy was overshadowed by admirers who continued to criticize the baby’s name.

Hilaria’s Spanish origin is the root of everything, and she has previously been accused of “faking” it.

In case you missed it, Hilaria was from Boston, not Spain. She’s even been accused of making up an accent and forgetting what the English word for cucumber is.It was also revealed that her prior name was Hilary, rather than Hilaria in Spanish.

Naturally, many people were intrigued when she disclosed that her child’s name was Ilaria Catalina Irena.

“She’s here!” Hilaria took to Instagram to announce the birth of her kid. We can’t wait to tell you about our tiny dream that came true.

When she revealed that her child’s name was Ilaria Catalina Irena, many people took attention. “Here she is!” Hilaria announced the birth of her child on Instagram. We are excited to tell you about how our tiny dream came true. Hilaria also claimed that her management business created a bogus internet bio for her, mistakenly stating that she was born in Mallorca, a “disappointing” error.

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