The couple, who have been trying to have a baby for almost ten years, have created a unique story- with quadruplet daughters. One couple and four joyful children.

Christine, a staff worker from Brinsworth, Rotherham, West Yorkshire, discovered she was pregnant only three weeks after the embryo was implanted during IVF therapy.

“It was really close to home when we found out we were going to have four,” truck driver Justin, 43, said. We were pleased, but concerned about the things of common sense of getting them up.”

Christine was admitted to the clinic with windedness at 24 weeks, but physicians kept the pregnancy going until week 30, when the young women were delivered via cesarean section at Sheffi eld’s Jessop Clinic.

They weighed just over 10lb apiece when they were introduced into the world on Walk 25. Darcy was the first to be born, weighing 2lb, followed by Caroline at 2lb 3oz, Elisha at 2lb 14oz, and Alexis at 3lb.

“The young ladies are getting along admirably,” Justin told me, “and we had the option to take Alexis for her most memorable stroll in a pram.”

“I understood what Kate was going through,” she explained. It lasted a long time and was exhausting. I felt exhausted and sluggish, but thinking I was going to have four children was fantastic.”
Adel Shaker, the NHS clinical head who treated Christine, observed that even a single developing organism producing twins was unusual.

“I’ve been doing IVF for nearly 20 years,” he explained. This is the first time a quadruplet pregnancy with all females has been explained by a single incipient organism move.

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