The couple claims the restaurant penalized them for ‘bad parenting,’ but the restaurant owner exposes the reality.

For parents, dining out may be a stressful experience. Often, parents are unable to control their children in public, making dining out an unpleasant experience for everyone present.

This couple battled in the same way, and they claim they were ‘fined’ for it. Continue reading to learn more.

A restaurant in North Georgia did something no one expected: it fined customers for ‘bad parenting.’ The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant west of Blue Ridge has ignited an internet controversy about whether it is appropriate to fine parents for misbehaving children.

On Reddit, a customer shared their dining experience. “The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children’s behavior,” they claimed. “I was let down by the experience.”

A reporter reached out to the eatery to get their side of the story. Tim Richter, the owner, chose to disclose the truth. He stated that, while the restaurant implemented a premium to compensate expenditures during COVID-19, they did not charge anyone more than their bill lately.

He claimed he had never threatened anyone with the fee until a few weeks ago, when a family of nine youngsters visited his eatery. He mentioned that the kids were running around everywhere.

He said that, while he had given the parents a warning, he had never charged them the money!

“We just want parents to be parents,” he remarked plainly. The restaurant, nestled in the highlands beside the Toccoa River, is accustomed to a quiet clientele. The restaurant is highly popular, and automobiles line the roadway at dinner times.

Laura Spillman, a client vacationing from Florida, said she couldn’t believe the policy when she heard it.

“That is crazy,” she said. “Are you serious? I don’t believe you should do it because children are adorable.”

Anne Cox, who was eating lunch with her family, stated that the cost may perhaps motivate parents to exert more control over their children in order for them to behave better.

“Parents need to teach kids etiquette,” she stated, adding, “They need to teach kids to behave.” There are other people in the world, therefore they should have a good time.”

Federico Gambineri, who was in the restaurant with his baby, said he had never heard of such a regulation before. He went on to say, “This is the first time I’ve heard of that, and having a 20-month-old that maybe isn’t the best behaved at a restaurant, I’m hoping that I don’t get charged,” he went on to say. “I feel that if I were charged, I would be very unhappy about it and probably never recommend the place to somebody.”

Jack Schneider, a regular at the eatery, claimed he was unaware of the fee. “I have mixed emotions about that,” Schneider said. “At the same time, we’ve all been sitting next to tables where you say, hey, do something with that kid.” So I believe it is more on the parents.”

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