The amazing love story of Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue—they were married for almost 40 years.

In her book, the famous person wrote, “Marriage seems like a vacuum cleaner: you put it to your ear, and it takes all your energy and ambition.”

Thomas tells her a lot about how he feels by saying that marriage is like being a prisoner who needs to be appeased. That is, until she met Donahue.

After Phil Donahue’s split, he and Marlo Thomas both met each other, and the two have been close ever since.

The “Phil Donahue Show,” which people just called “Donahue,” was how Phil Donahue got his start in the public eye.

The crowd took part in the show for the first time, and Marlo Thomas was one of the guests who totally changed his life.

The book says that the couple met for the first time in Chicago in 1977. Phil had four kids with him.

Friends and family of the actor were shocked when she changed her mind. In the book that the couple wrote together, there is a funny story about Marlo’s wedding shower, where guests hung up words from the future bride that showed what she thought about marriage in the past.

The book says that Marlo’s mother was the most shocked, and she asked Donahue, “How did you get her to do this?” during the service.

Reports say that even strangers were surprised by the star and social activist’s decision to get married, among other things.

In the book, Thomas is honest and says that during this conversation, a seed of doubt was planted. Was she now a liar for getting married after attacking marriage for so much of her life? Had she let down the people who saw her as the best example of independence?

Even though things go up and down a lot between Donahue and Thomas, they are still able to stay together. They use these problems to teach each other, which makes their relationship stronger.

Even when they were first married, they had to spend time apart because of their jobs.

The couple thinks that their marriage works because they trust each other and she gets along well with his kids. They say that knowing that someone always has your back is the most important thing.

Even though they’ve been married for years, they still have more stories to make.

Phil says that if both people in a marriage want it to work, it will. Her husband is right, and her wife says that she would never want to be anything but married to her boyfriend. She says, “Every way possible.”

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