The actress who played Rizzo in ‘Grease’ comes out of hiding after 20 years and is unrecognizable.

I am confident that no one on Earth, young or old, has forgotten the legendary love tale of charmer Danny Zuko and meek Australian transfer student Sandy Olsson. Grease was a great smash back then, and it is still popular now, over 43 years later, having stolen the hearts of millions and being the highest-grossing musical at the time.

Believe it or not, what Danny and Sandy had was something we all wanted to experience. Their influence on the young at the time was so great that many of them imitated the dancing moves from the film. The singing and dancing in Grease, as well as the mooning incident, car races, and prom, were all part of a time period that helped form American society.

This cultural phenomenon, which remained popular for years after its premiere, elevated Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta to the status of household names. Newton-John’s track “Hopelessly Devoted to You” received an Oscar nomination for original song.

But Grease helped more than just these two to stardom.

Most of us remember the rebel Rizzo, portrayed by Stockard Channing.
Channing was 34 years old when she earned the part, and she is now 79.

She went on Lorraine Kelly’s daytime chat program a while back to promote her new West End production Apologia, and many couldn’t believe how much she had changed over the years owing to her age.

Among the others, Channing discussed Grease, saying it’s amazing how people are still infatuated with it after so many years.

“I just don’t want to believe it! I do not want to think about that amount! I’m the world’s oldest living teenager! When questioned about the musical’s success, she commented, “It’s a little intimidating to walk out of the theater with people shoving photos in your face.”

People couldn’t help but comment on Channing’s appearance. Many said she had undergone a lot of plastic surgery treatments.

Some of the comments read: “What the hell had Rizzo done to her face?!?! (sic).”

“Good grief, Stockard Channing appears unrecognizable in #Lorraine. It’s a shame that people believe they can’t simply age gracefully.

“Oh, dear. Stockard Channing is looking a little spooky on @ITVLorraine.”

“What the heck did Stockard Channing do to her face? “She can barely speak.”

When the Mirror published a piece on Channing’s appearance on the talk show, more individuals joined in to share their opinions on her appearance and cosmetic surgery in general.

“It is really a pity that (mostly) women believe they must continue to undergo numerous operations in order to maintain their youthful appearance. I imagine she would have aged well without all of the fillers, and she is a pretty woman.

“I see women in their seventies and eighties and they look lovely with wrinkles and their skin look nourished I don’t know why these celebrities bother why don’t they just except getting older.”

“It’s no surprise when individuals with more money than judgment strive to maintain a look they had 40 years ago and fail. As a result, they appear rather terrifying. There is no shame in appearing 73, and if more actors and actresses stood up to people who demanded they look younger, perhaps things might change for the better.”

What do you think about Rizo today?

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