“That’s a Crime!” Madonna, who is 64, forgot to wear a skirt and showed off her red underwear.

The American singer and actress Madonna has once again shocked fans with how she looks.

Madonna, who is 64 years old, is the singer behind the hits “Frozen” and “La Isla Bonita.” She likes to change up her look. Madonna is known for her many different hairstyles, hair colors, and expensive looks. She is also known for her love of plastic surgery. People say that the singer has had more than 50 facial surgeries, but she has only admitted to five of them.

When you look at pictures of Madonna, it’s clear that she visits cosmetologists often and wouldn’t say no to an extra shot of Botox or hyaluronic acid to keep her face soft.

Every picture or exit posted on social media is real news. Madonna is the queen of scandal, so she doesn’t mind putting out pictures that sometimes shock the public and her fans. This time, the singer shared a new picture with her fans, but it looks like she forgot to wear a skirt!

Madonna wore a rock and roll outfit in the photos, and her hair was now black at the roots and red at the tips. A daring outfit: torn black socks, a sleeveless T-shirt with a frayed edge, and mesh.

Also, the singer’s body type lets her wear dresses with open backs. Madonna said in an interview that she rarely treats herself and works out for five hours every day. So, at 64, her body may be what many 20-year-olds wish they had.

The singer’s new boyfriend is almost twice her age, which is another reason to keep a “young” look. Josh Popper, who is 29 years old, has already met all six of the singer’s children. Two of them are her actual children with director Guy Ritchie, and the other four are adopted. Because of this, the singer never lets herself or her audience get bored.

Last year, Madonna went out with a guy 41 years younger than her. True, their love didn’t last, and after only six months together, they broke up. In any case, Madonna, who is 64, is still trying her hand at everything and living life to the best!

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