Teen girl puts boy’s bag on his desk. Boy opens it and quickly puts his head down.

You could find a way to make someone’s day better if you look long and hard enough.
Sadly, we are often too busy with our own lives to fully understand what other people are going through. Sofi Cruz, a young girl from South Carolina, recently had the chance to help someone, and she took full advantage of it.

The young person wrote on Facebook about a chat she had with her close friend Jaheim in which he said something interesting.
The comment wasn’t all that interesting on its own, but Sofi couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few days. She had been planning something special for a close friend for the past week and a half. His name is Jahiem.

I’ve known Jahiem since the third grade, when we were both in Mrs. Dragotta’s class.

He has always been the kind of student who does his work on time, comes to class every day, helps the teacher, and is nice to everyone.

Last week, Jahiem asked, “Can someone get me a pair of shoes?” But he didn’t want to look like he was in trouble. I’m between sizes 10 and 11, and I dislike my.

The teen said, “I’ve always wanted to give him something, but I’ve never had the money or the courage to do it.”

But this time, Sofi was able to pull off her surprise with the help of her family and her new job.

Since I’ve been working hard at my job and saving money, I bought him a pair of shoes the next day. Also, my grandfather helped me.

The next video shows kind Sofi giving Jahiem his gift. It has been shared thousands of times on social media and shown on news websites all over the country.

In the video, Sofi walks up to her friend who is wearing a backpack without him knowing it.

Sofi has known Jahiem for a long time, and she thinks of him as a close friend. She tells him that she chose him because she wanted to do something nice for someone since she started her new job.

On his desk, the backpack is set down with the words “This is for you.”

Jahiem gives a small smile, opens the bag, and takes a package out.

When Jahiem says something nice about her, Sofi tells him that there is more to her. She made him a treat bag with things like shirts and socks, which he pulls out one by one as he looks through it.

Even so, Jaheim tries to keep his cool, but when Sofi comes up to give him a hug, he totally loses it.
As I gave him his things and watched him open his bag, all of my feelings came flooding out. He seemed confused, so it was pretty sad to see him cry.

In a message, Sofi said:

I’m glad I gave Jaheim those shoes because they made him so happy and because it showed me how important it is to give someone something special.

I love you with everything I have, Jahiem.

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