Single mother fosters two children, discovers they have two newborn boys, and refuses to divide them up.

The children should get the best. They have access to food and clothing, and their family meets their basic needs. They, too, live in a comfortable house. However, not every child is born with this luxury.

Some children are abandoned to live in shelters and foster families, with no idea what the future holds.

They’re waiting for the appropriate family to shower them with the love and attention they so richly deserve.

A former teacher housed a number of foster children; four of those youngsters, for whatever reason, changed her life.

Melissa Servetz, a single mother and former teacher, has worked in social services for the past five years. As a result, she opened her heart and her home to children in need of foster care.

She has fostered 56 children throughout the years. It’s fair to believe she assisted many children throughout the years. Finally, she decided to have one more child before saying good-by.

She had no notion that “one more” was all she needed to complete her own aim.

Melissa’s maternal instincts took control as she considered adopting another child. She stated that she had always wanted to be a mother. Her heart was broken when she saw her four foster children who were still alive.

She pondered on all the highs and lows she’d experienced with them, as well as all the experiences they’d had. Melissa considered adopting them, which would have given the children a home and allowed her to fulfill a long-held ambition to be a mother.

Melissa assumed the kids had discovered her by chance. When a former student’s mom approached her when she was teaching at Tampa Bay, she told her that some children needed a temporary place to live. She informed them that they were about to be removed from their house and placed under the care of a non-profit organization.

She contacted the organization to confirm that two girls were in need of foster care. A week later, she went to pick up Jade, the oldest of the four, before switching to Destiny.

The children’s mother gave birth to two additional boys, Matthew and Emerson, who also required foster care. Melissa lacked the strength to say no, therefore she couldn’t keep them apart. She had the same feeling, so she chose to adopt all four and leave no child behind.

Melissa was aware of the children’s anguish, particularly the agony that Jade and Destiny had undergone. They all go to counseling to grieve their grief and to help Melissa learn how to interact with the children.

“I want them to remember that I chose them.” “I think I have the best kids in the world,” Melissa stated on Good Morning America.

She believed that all four of her children had bright futures. According to her account, they were a combination of bright, active, and joyous children who were also kind, sensitive, and compassionate.

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