Simon keeps telling the girl to take off her makeup. Because of change, judges can’t say anything.

People say that looks don’t matter, but Simon Cowell thinks that looks can mean everything. First impressions can stick with you for a long time, and they can even make you think something wrong about someone. Makeup was used for a long time as a “fixer-upper,” if you will. A lot of artists have used it to help them play their roles better.

One important part of making a good first impression is how you act in public. Even if you’re the most skilled person in the room, people will think you’re not good enough if you’re too nervous. Studies have shown that people who feel better about their looks do better when it counts. This is not to say that makeup or a new haircut will change who you are.

Samantha Lavery, who was 17 at the time, tried to act like a pop star when she tried out for “The X Factor UK.” She tried to get the judges’ attention by wearing a leather outfit and curling her hair, but it didn’t work. She wasn’t picked, and she cried all the way home when she realized she couldn’t fight. She didn’t understand what had gone wrong. Was it the make-up she chose? Were her clothes not right for the occasion? She had no choice but to give up on her dream for the day and go home to think about her options and the road her life would take.

After a few weeks, Simon called her to let her know that she had been given a “Wild Card” to try out again. Samantha couldn’t believe how lucky she was, and she was soon on her way to Simon’s house in Malibu to get another chance at fame.

When she walked onto the stage at the interview, it looked like she hadn’t learned her lesson. She put on a lot of eye makeup, tickled him, and put on high heels again. Again, Simon wasn’t pleased, so he was told to take off the mask. “I don’t feel like I’ve met the real you yet,” he said in a harsh way. Young Samantha’s eyes filled with tears, but this time, one of the other judges, Mel B, agreed with her. Samantha left the stage to practice for her tryout.

When she went back on stage, the judges were shocked by how beautiful she really was. “You took off the mask and showed who you really are,” Simon remarked. Then Samantha gave the best show of her life, which left the judges in awe of her amazing ability.

Click the link below to see how much this lovely 17-year-old has changed.

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