She’s cute. This is how the life of the thumbelina girl, who will always be the size of a doll, goes on.

Let’s have a look at the lovely Thumbelina-like girl who will always be the size of a doll while she goes about her daily existence.

We can see a cute infant in a stroller in the picture. However, this stroller is designed for a medium-sized doll rather than a child.

This is owing to the diminutive build of our young protagonist, Abigail, who suffers from a particularly uncommon type of dwarfism.

Her ailment is difficult to diagnose precisely, but to put it simply, her body does not develop at all. Despite improvements in contemporary medicine, Abigail is now without a known therapy.

She is just 4 kg at age 2, which makes her look like a newborn infant. Just two years older than she is, her elder sister seems considerably bigger in contrast.

Abigail is made to feel comfortable with specially ordered small furniture, toys, and home objects.

Although Abigail’s development is expected to be modest, physicians are optimistic that she will live a complete life. She will eventually learn how to walk, talk, seek an education, and hone talents that are compatible with her ability.

The parents of Abigail hold out hope that one day, medical progress may provide a way to help their little “Thumbelina” daughter overcome her obstacles.

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