“She looks and lives like a real Thumbelina!”: how does a 17-year-old girl with a rare disease seem and live?

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley is 17 and weighs barely 22 pounds. The cause is a rare disease known as primordial dwarfism.

When the girl was pregnant, her mother noticed that her belly was abnormally tiny. The gestation period became longer, but the stomach remained tiny. The woman communicated her fears to the physicians, who assured her that she needed not worry.

Doctors were especially worried since the stomach had never formed prior to the birth. Kenadie arrived on time, although she was rather little. She stood just 11 inches tall. The doctors stated the infant had a poor chance of survival.

Despite the predictions, the girl survived. Furthermore, she grows in the same way that all healthy children do. The only difference is in height and weight. Kenadie learns alongside typical pupils in terms of intellectual development. They admire their young classmate, who is always upbeat.

Surprisingly, the ailment increased Kenadie’s prominence. The stunning young girl was cast as the lead in the wonderful film “Eep.” Kennedy did a wonderful job.

Kenadie has acknowledged that she is one of a kind among youngsters. Her condition does not prevent her from living a full life. The girl has a large group of friends. She plans to appear in more films in the future.

The example of this little but courageous individual reminds once again that there is always cause for celebration. The most essential thing is to have fun.

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