She left her hubby behind and headed to the gap! dancing in the nade as a Brit

She turned away from her husband and went to the gap. British dance in the nade

The American artist is trying to keep his cool after a recent family conflict. Britney Spears says that traditional hobbies have made her feel better.

The 41-year-old musician is dealing with a major problem. Britney’s followers offer her suggestions on how to deal with her emotional instability. Sam Asgari, the pop princess’ husband, and the couple are having marital problems.

The artist recently struck the personal trainer in the face following an argument between the two. Children’s problems make the situation more complicated. She received word from Kevin Federline’s ex-husband that he was moving their youngsters to Hawaii soon.

Spears has found a tried-and-true method to stay out of trouble. A video with the star of the popular television program Criminal’s outrageous dancing movements was released. Britney entered the room boldly.

The actress paired a red bikini with leather boots. Spears covered her head with a burgundy hat. The Grammy Award winner came up with unique dance steps to go with the music.

Britney attacked her boyfriend the day before, causing him to flee the house. The controversy at Spears’ house shocked her neighbors.

The Crossroads actress recently danced in front of a portrait of Princess Diana. Britney insisted that she had a special relationship with the late royal couple.

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