She found herself homeless and had to scavenge among rubbish to make ends meet.

Loni Willison, once a bombshell who posed for a plethora of publications, is now homeless and sometimes seen scavenging through California garbage.

According to the former fitness model, her life went apart when she divorced Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson.

X17 Online chatted with Loni in May 2023. In the interview, she blamed her downward spiral on her ex, who she accused of attempting to choke her once.

My ex-husband. Getting married. When questioned why she is homeless, she said, “At least I got divorced.” “He set everything up to do this to me.”

Loni and Jeremy married in 2012 then split up two years later. Loni then experienced a mental breakdown, anxiety, and sadness. Her breakdown, along with addictions to alcohol and crystal meth, resulted in her losing her job and her house, leaving her homeless.

According to accounts, she was given assistance on multiple times, but declined, citing her independence. She was cited as adding, “I don’t need help.” “I have everything I need.

Loni told X17 Online that she is in a lot of pain and that she can’t live indoors because she has been “electrocuted” every day for about a year and is now unable to be near appliances or exposed to electricity.

“I believe that because I [pick up] on electricity, I also pick up on other things, such as specific chemicals, batteries, or fuses, as well as wire and various metals. So I believe my body filters that type of information,” she explained.

“I’m not sure; I’d need to go through a large X-ray, sonogram equipment, or anything to see that. “It is pretty intense.”

The former wife of the Baywatch actor appears to have lost several upper front teeth.
Her ex, who is active on social media, has been through some tough times since Baywatch. After pleading guilty to allegedly stabbing a lady in Los Angeles in 2015, he was sentenced to 270 days in jail and five years of probation in 2017. He’s also battled addictions.

Loni’s days are difficult, and she tries to make ends meet while attempting to feed herself with the few possessions she maintains in the shopping cart she travels with her everywhere she goes.

The once-beautiful blonde beauty is unrecognizable in her dumpy, soiled attire.

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