She didn’t have time to put a towel around herself. Hayek, who is 56, was seen by paparazzi while on vacation.

The reporters always keep an eye out. Recently, they took a picture of actress Salma Hayek, who is 56 years old, while she was on holiday. This caught the Hollywood star by surprise. When people on social media saw the picture of the Mexican star, it made them gasp. Salma seems to have solved the puzzle of how to stay young forever. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to explain the pictures we’ve seen recently.

“She’s beautiful,” “Salma is every man’s dream,” “This is what the ideal of female beauty looks like,” “She’s not thin, and that’s her best feature.” “Very pretty woman,” “She looks great,” “She can’t be beat,”

Fans of Hayek, who is 56, wrote in the comments below the picture, “Everyone should look like that at her age,” “Fire,” and “I wish there were more photos like that.”

How do you feel?

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