She did more than she needed to. Heidi Klum wore a provocative dress that made her stand out on the red carpet.

Heidi Klum stood out the most on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Heidi Klum decided to, as the saying goes, “let it all hang out” at Cannes this year. The well-known model wore a one-of-a-kind yellow dress with wings and a bold cutout in the chest to another launch.

Heidi’s dress covered only the top part of her bust, and when she raised her arms, a nipple showed through the cleavage.

It’s worth noting that Klum didn’t seem to be bothered by what happened. She kept moving her wings and smiling for the cameras. The dress also had a slit that went up to her thighs and was so high that it showed her underwear.

The model’s clear shoes added to the ‘barely-there’ look of the outfit as a whole.

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