Shaq surprised his 11-member family with two new automobiles, but his generosity does not stop there.

Shaquille O’Neal is undoubtedly one of the most popular basketball players of all time. The athlete is not just recognized because of how effectively he played the game but also because of how generous he is!

Over the years, there have been several anecdotes that have come out that demonstrate exactly how charitable Shaq is. He is regularly spotted paying bills for other individuals at restaurants as well as providing waitstaff with unusually big tips.

The Collins Kids is a famous Instagram account for a family with nine siblings. It is no secret that Shaq is friends with the family and regularly meets them to spend time with them.

The Instagram account is operated by Karissa, the young mother of 9 children, and has gained over 350k followers. Shaq has been talking with the family over the Instagram account. And at the beginning of this year, he even paid the young family a visit.

During his first visit with them, he spent precious time with the children and doted on them. Karissa stated in a post she made later about the visit, “He came in and played “Watch ya mouth” with the kids, loved on them, encouraged them, entertained them, took pics with them, gave them gifts, encouraged us as parents, and just showed us so much love.”

And while even this nice contact was enough for the family, the great athlete had something more in mind. A few months after the original meeting, he contacted out again and surprised the family with supper. “Last night we had a surprise visit from Shaq. He brought us to supper as a family at babies chicken. It was a lot of fun simply hanging around and eating supper with him.”

While this appeared to please the family, the NBA player had other ideas. The next day, he brought the family to the Mercedes dealership and ordered a special 15-passenger van for them, which should arrive in mid-July.

The family was taken aback by his kindness, and the children were overjoyed and couldn’t stop embracing their hero.

And Shaq didn’t stop there! The family dined with the NBA icon one again. They claimed that he diffused joy throughout the evening.

“He then took us to dinner at the Rainforest Café, where he paid for another [table’s] entire meal, oblivious to the fact that they were from out of state and here on mission.” “And then he left a $1000 tip for our waitress after her car broke down today,” Karissa explained.

Shaq discovered that the father of nine was experiencing truck problems during their second supper together. The air conditioning and heating have been malfunctioning for some time.

Shaq understood exactly what he intended to accomplish. He drove the family to the Ford dealership and purchased a new truck for the father!

The family could not be more grateful! Aside from his wonderful presents, Shaquille O’Neal spent meaningful time with them, for which they were appreciative.

She said, “He also spent time encouraging us and loving on our children and speaking life into our family.”

Shaquille O’Neal is obviously a lovely person. Not everyone with his level of wealth is that generous.

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