“Same blonde hair and blue eyes”: Reese Witherspoon shared rare photos of her handsome 19-year-old son.

The famous Hollywood star used social media to celebrate her son’s birthday in front of a lot of people. Reese Witherspoon, a well-known actress, made her fans happy by posting rare pictures of her middle son, Deacon.

When Deacon turned 19, his loving mother took to Instagram to share her emotional birthday wishes with the whole world.

“On Deacon’s birthday, I’m sending him a lot of love! This young man has a lot of energy, a strong sense of purpose, and skill that can’t be denied. He has the best heart in the whole wide world. I couldn’t be more happy for you…Under the picture of her son, Witherspoon wrote, “I love you, Dee.”

The first picture showed how Deacon looks now. It showed him as a grown-up young man who is very handsome and looks a lot like his mother. The 19-year-old looks a lot like Reese. He has blonde hair and blue eyes that look right through you.

Reese also sent a cute picture of Deacon when he was a little boy. In this funny picture, Deacon posed with confidence while wearing a shirt and a hat. It made people laugh and think of good times. Reese Witherspoon showed her love and pride for her son in an emotional way, which made her fans admire her and send her warm wishes. This made the bond between a loving mother and her child even stronger.

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