Salma Hayek came on the red carpet with her daughter and stepson, leaving onlookers speechless.

The Frida Kahlo star brought the children to a Time100 event honoring the most significant individuals in 2023. Salma stood on the red carpet at Lincoln Center in New York with her daughter and stepson in gorgeous evening gowns.

Hayek styled her hair and applied cosmetics, focusing on her eyes. The 56-year-old actress wore a Gucci blue silk gown with black lace and a transparent train.

Valentina wore her hair in a bun and used golden eyeshadow, mascara, and peach lip gloss to highlight her features. Augustin was dressed in a black tuxedo, a white shirt, a bow tie, and classic men’s shoes.

Fans of the musician are already planning a rare family excursion. “Valentina looks like her father, and Augustine looks like her mother,” people said. “Linda’s son looks like Elizabeth Hurley,” “Valentina looks like a catwalk model,” and “Augustin is a copy of the mother, he can go into the modeling business.”

Salma was able to communicate with her millionaire husband’s illegitimate son. Since 2007, the actress and businessman have been happily married.

The couple got engaged in March, and their daughter Valentina was born in September. The pair performed at two weddings in 2009, one in Paris and one in Venice. Pinault’s kid via Linda Evangelista is Augustine.

The top model and the businessman’s affair lasted a year. Linda disclosed five years later, in 2011, that she was raising her kid with her spouse, Salma Hayek.

The millionaire was taken aback by the news, but thanks to his celebrity wife, he was able to confirm touch with the child. François-Henri also has two children from his previous marriage, designer Dorothy Leper, Mathilde, 22, and François, 25.

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