Roseanne Barr is now thinner, has a bigger family, and is “feeling well” with the man she’s been with for 20 years. She turns 70 this year.

Roseanne Barr, an actress and stand-up comic, turned 70. The actor has been playing for a long time, but some of the sexist things she has said have cost her a lot.

Barr was the main character on the hit comedy show “Roseanne,” but she lost everything after tweeting a racist slur and comparing Valerie Jarrett and the late President Barack Obama to apes.

Barr has been honest about why she backs former president Donald Trump. She said that her bad joke was hurtful because her feelings were all over the place and she was sick.

When she said it sounded funny, she was trying to be funny, but she failed. Barr’s racism was also shown by the fact that she thought Jarrett was white.

After getting a lot of bad feedback, the actor said she went into hiding for a long time. Others say that when Jarrett was asked about what Roseanne Barr had said, she brushed it off and said, “Roseanne who?”

But when asked if she would watch Barr’s stand-up, the former government official said she wouldn’t and hoped no one else would either to give the comedian a “teachable moment.”

Barr recognized Jarrett’s comment and said, “I know she thinks I hurt her.” She also said that it was hard for her to start a public apology because she kept getting teased about the same thing.

Even so, Barr issued an apology and said she would be leaving Twitter. The actor said that the response had ended her life and career, but she was proud of herself for getting through it.

Roseanne Barr’s life changed after the end of her show.
Since her famous show was canceled, Barr had to think about her life and make changes at work and in her personal life. Barr was married three times before she met her future husband, the writer and director John Argent.

The star said she fell in love with his voice at first because they talked on the phone for a year. Barr even said that she didn’t care how he looked as long as he had teeth. But when they first met, it was a pleasant surprise. Barr said that Argent was one of the most beautiful guys she had ever seen.

The two are not rushing to get married. The Globe says that whenever the subject of marriage comes up, Argent always says that he and Barr are happy without the ring.

Barr wrote in her book “Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm” that Argent was her life partner. She praised him for “caring about truth and justice.”

Barr and Argent both like to read books and share interesting videos on Barr’s YouTube account. The book Henry Hoskins and The Hole Factory by Argent just came out, and the star praised her husband’s great writing skills.

Closer Weekly says that Barr and her long-term partner bought a house in Hawaii with a macadamia nut farm. On 46 acres of land is where the house is.

The comedian’s social media posts about his home in Hawaii make it look like a paradise. With beautiful sunsets, lots of grass, and a yard full of flowers.

Barr said that she changed her house from a museum to something more to her liking. The front door of the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home welcomes you with flourishing green plants and a seat to rest and enjoy the view.

Kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel, and the cabinets are made of wood. Barr posted a picture of her kitchen, which looks like it’s big enough for a bed.

The “Roseanne” star shared another picture of herself in her bohemian-style living room. With hardwood furnishings and a carpet with a neural floral pattern that matches the rest of the home, the room has a green accent wall.

Barr worked hard to change the way she looked. Barr reportedly reached 350 pounds in the 1990s, which led her to seek out professional assistance to lose weight.

The veteran of several sitcoms acknowledged having a gastric bypass in 1998, which caused her to shed 80 pounds. Barr had to deal with the problem of accessible skin after losing so much weight, which she resolved through a stomach tuck.

The actress admitted that the road was difficult and that she gained more weight along the way, but Barr did not punish herself for it.

She kept up her diligent job. The comic said that getting more exercise and eating better have made a big difference in her life. She enjoyed how much lighter she felt, so her objective was to keep up her healthy lifestyle.

On Becoming a Grandmother: Roseanne Barr
Barr said to Extra TV that of all the changes in her life, becoming a grandmother had the most effect on her. The comic feels obligated to teach her children how to raise their children well because she has six grandkids.

Barr claimed that it makes her pushier, but she still wants her grandkids to have a happy and healthy childhood. with a fulfilling love life and the pleasure of becoming a grandma.

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